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conveyor belt guards

  • Machine Guard & Cover | Machine Guards and Bearing Covers

    Machine Guard & Cover makes a variety of non-metallic machine guards and bearing covers.We make guards for chain, belt and gear drive power transmission systems. We make bearing and coupling guards, conveyor covers, drip trays and custom parts.

  • V-Belt Safety Guards - Belt Conveyor Guarding - OSHA, MSHA ...

    V-Belt Safety Guards fully enclose V-Belts and sheaves on a chain drive, gear drive and belt drive power transmission systems to prevent access to pinch-points around conveyor drives, belts, fans drives, compressors, and crushers.

  • Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Workers from ...

    Controls: Guarding of belt conveyors is not always feasible because guarding devices interfere with normal operation. Options for hazard control include guarding by distance as well as installing hazard warning signs and signals.

  • Belt Conveyor Guarding - Thaman Rubber

    About Us. Thaman Rubber, founded in 1960 by William T. Thaman, began as a home-based operation with rolls of hose and rubber stored in the family basement.

  • Conveyor Covers - Machine Guard & Cover Co.

    Conveyor Covers by Machine Guard & Cover. Straight Conveyor Covers; Straight Conveyor Covers – Lightweight; Curved Conveyor Covers

  • K-Wind Guards - Kinder Australia Pty Ltd

    The off-centre belt tracking of the belt occurs when a belt is constantly subjected to a sidewind. To help prevent the conveyor belt mistracking, as well as potential product loss from the crosswind, we recommend the installation a series of K-Wind Guards to act as an effective shield from the elements.

  • CONVEYOR BELT SAFETY | Work Safety Blog

    Conveyor belts are one of the most effective means of transporting bulk materials. Because persons are working with a movable piece of equipment, there is a very serious chance of injury or death if employees are not trained on how to work around conveyor belts.

  • Conveyor Guards - Belt Cleaners

    The Martin ® Conveyor Guards improve worker safety. The mesh panel guards conform to OSHA/MSHA standards and prevent worker exposure to conveyor nip points and pinch point hazards. Features and Benefits:

  • Conveyor Safety Training Video - Convergence Training

    This course will discuss the most common types of conveyors and their hazards, the types of guarding around conveyors, general conveyor safety, and what to do during and after an emergency. Taking this course and understanding the hazards conveyors present will help keep you and your co-workers safe.

  • Conveyor Guarding

    The corner safety guard is a custom designed guard to permit extension around the curved inside/outside corners on the side rail of the conveyor line... Read more Conveyor Corner Guard

  • Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Employees from ...

    Guards 10 Safeguarding Devices 13 Secondary Safeguarding Methods 16 ... Hazards of Conveyors 26 Safeguarding Conveyors 28 Other Controls for Conveyors 29 ... Belt Conveyor 27 Figure 28. Screw Conveyor 27 Figure 29. Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor 27 Figure 30. Slat Conveyor 28

  • Belt Conveyor Fatal Nip Hazards - SPC/Tech/SI1/11

    The use of nip point guards in the industry over many years has shown that to fit them is a reasonably practicable measure, which can be easily achieved and at little cost compared to the overall cost of the belt conveyor.

  • MSHA's Guide to Equipment Guarding - cemanet.org

    the pinch points and moving machine parts of both belt conveyors. Before removing this guard, both belts would need to be secured. Figure 27 24 . Moving machine parts on mobile equipment may need to be guarded to prevent contact. For example, Figure 28 shows a guard ... MSHA's Guide to Equipment Guarding ...

  • Safe-Guard® Return Idler Guard - asgco.com

    Safe-Guard® Return Idler Guard ASGCO® has long recognized the importance of ensuring safety in the workplace. The ASGCO® Safe-Guard® Return Idler Guard was designed to prevent injuries from pinch points and to catch the return idler if it should fall.

  • Conveyor Hazards - Pinch Points - Safety For Rollers

    Guards - Conveyor guards constitute one of the more common types of safety devices used for the protection of conveyors. Guards are coverings or barricades provided for safety purposes, such as gears, chains, or nip point guards.

  • Belt Guards - ThomasNet

    Top quality Belt Guards are offered in this comprehensive source of manufacturers, distributors and service companies for the industrial marketplace. A broad range of Belt Guards can be sourced using this comprehensive vertical portal dedicated to helping in research and purchasing.

  • Conveyor Roll Guards | Applied

    Conveyor Roll Guards Safety is our top priority at Applied. Ensure your conveyor system is equipped for safe operations & damage prevention with conveyor roll guards , manufactured by trusted brands including Precision Pulley & Idler and Douglas .

  • Safety Factsheet: Hazards of Conveyors - NYCOSH

    Safety Factsheet: Hazards of Conveyors Conveyors are used to transport materials ... functioning of the conveyor, barrier guards can be installed ... length of the conveyor belt to ...

  • Conveyor Guard, Conveyor Guard Suppliers and ... - Alibaba

    Introduction of Bucket Conveyor The TD series bucket conveyor is a vertical material handling equipment , the conveyer is mainly made up of conveying part ( the buckets and rubber belt/chain ) , driving device , tension device and the middle cabinet .

  • OSHA Requirements: Machine Guarding - Grainger Safety Record

    OSHA Requirements: Machine Guarding. Tags: ... Potential hazards include the points of contact between a power transmission belt and its pulley, a chain and its sprocket, or a rack and pinion. ... Rotating and fixed parts, including spoked hand wheels on flywheels, screw conveyors and the periphery of an abrasive wheel often create shearing ...


    Figure 1 – Belt Conveyor with Full-length Belt and Idler Guards B20.1, 6.1.1 (b) also states “It is not the intent of this requirement to provide guarding along the conveyor length where the belt rides on the carrying or return rollers.”

  • Conveyor Belt Guards - Parts and Accessories from Ashland ...

    All guards are made from durable galvanized steel for a long lasting and safe solution for your conveyors. Fixed Available in 2" - 3 1/2" galvanized steel channels for a fixed guard solution to safety and productivity for your business.

  • Conveyor Guarding | ELRUS Parts

    ELRUS carries conveyor guards for all pulleys and idlers.

  • Guarding Slide Presentation: Guarding Conveyor Belts at ...

    This slide presentation, compiled in 2010, provides detailed information to help the metal and nonmetal mining industry meet MSHA’s requirements for guarding conveyor belts. Photos of a variety of situations show the right and wrong ways to construct guards that protect miners from exposure to conveyor belt moving parts and satisfy MSHA regulations.

  • Guarding of Belt Conveyors - gvsafety.com

    Guarding on the underside of the conveyor framework may also be required where there is access from below, Any such guarding shall extend 1000 mm from the pulley axis, fig. 6.

  • Conveyor Safety Products and Accessories | The ACT Group

    Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switches. Belt Misalignment Switches are used in conveyor monitoring the belt travel. When mounted at the running edges of a conveyor belt, the switches will be operated if the belt deviates from its designed running line by more than the permissible distance.

  • Belt Guard - Beltscan - Conveyor Belt Monitoring and ...

    Belt Guard Condition Monitoring Systems. ... Beltscan has been providing the materials handling industry with conveyor belt monitoring and condition monitoring systems to help conveyor belt operators maximise the safe working life of their belting..

  • Conveyor Guard & Industrial Conveyor Guards | Cherrys ...

    Conveyor guards are essential protective equipment for any warehousing or manufacturing operation that implements a conveyor system. Without high-quality conveyor guards in place, there is nothing to prevent a carelessly operated lift truck or other material handling machine from ramming the conveyor stand.

  • Conveyor Guarding White Paper | Free Downloads | Procter ...

    Home > Free Downloads > Conveyor Guarding White Paper. Safeguarding the hazards presented by Conveyors. ... Safety and EMC requirements for fixed belt conveyors for bulk materials; ... Welded wire mesh is frequently used to guard conveyors or parts thereof, with a mesh aperture size and guard geometry to suit the requirements of BS EN ISO 13857 ...

  • Return Roller Guarding MSHA/DMM Requirements

    Return Roller Guarding MSHA/DMM Requirements DMME Division of Mineral Mining AR Training 2012. MSHA Standard/Va. Regulation l56.14107 Moving machine parts. ... conveyor belt guarding. Accidental or Deliberate Contact * The slide note states that a majority of machinery accidents result from deliberate work related actions.

  • Safe-Guard® Modular Conveyor Flat Guards - ASGCO®

    Safe-Guard® Modular Conveyor Flat Guard The Safe-Guard® Modular Conveyor Flat Guard is a modular powder coated all steel guard that is typically mounted to the conveyor to guard against moving equipment and protect workers from injury. They are pre-engineered panels that install easily and prevent workers from unauthorized access and away from moving parts and equipment.