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Horizontal Vertical Sulphur

  • Pumping Molten Sulfur: A Challenge for Pump Design ...

    Nov 18, 2015· Vertical pumps for “dirty” molten sulfur are normally executed in a cantilever design and are therefore limited to a setting length of approximately 6 foot (2000mm). Tanks installed above ground level horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps can be used,

  • Molten Sulfur Pumps Suppliers - ThomasNet

    Welcome to the premier industrial Pumps: Molten Sulfur resource. A wide variety of manufacturers, distributors and service companies are featured in our extensive vertical directory to allow ease sourcing and research for Pumps: Molten Sulfur.

  • Process Systems International - Molten Sulphur Pumps ...

    Molten sulphur pumps . PSIL has, for more than 22 years, developed industry-leading steam jacketed pumps for molten sulphur, salts and metals. Its molten sulphur pumps have a design life in excess of 25 years, as standard.

  • VERTICAL LEAF FILTERS - twinfilter.com

    • Sulphur • Food & Beverage ... The system consists of a number of vertical filter leaves positioned in a horizontal or vertical filter tank. The fluid to be cleared flows through the filter medium which covers ... Twin Filter Horizontal and Vertical Leaf Filters are suitable for wet and dry

  • Lewis® Pumps Vertical Sulphur Pumps | Weir Group

    Lewis® Vertical Sulphur Pumps Contact us for more information Lewis ® Pumps offer a family of steam-jacketed sulphur pumps to meet a diversity of applications for the production, transfer, and processing of sulphur.

  • Jacketed Vertical Cantilever Molten Sulfur Pump

    Jacketed Vertical Cantilever Molten Sulfur Pump Impeller clearance adjustment by Sh ft S l adjustment by ... Molten Sulfur Pump Jacketed Vertical Lineshaft Molten Sulfur Pump Thrust bearings - ... Horizontal Jacketed Molten Sulfur Pump Impellers – Fully Open-Fully Closed Recessed

  • Horizontal pressure leaf filter Liquid sulphur filtration

    Horizontal pressure leaf filter Liquid sulphur filtration 1. Introduction The MAHLE Industrial Filtration horizontal pressure leaf filter is a pressure filter with a large specific filtration area due to the shape of

  • MultiTek™ - ROFA Praha

    Sulfur Nitrogen Halides Vertical Horizontal. MultiTek Vertical Configuration Lower detection limit Available configurations Nitrogen Sulfur Low Level Sulfur Nitrogen and Sulfur Applicable sample states Liquids Gases LPG. MultiTek™ Horizontal Configuration Increased flexibility for sample analysis Applicable sample states

  • PUMPS FOR MOLTEN SULPHUR - rheinhuette.de

    vertical and horizontal pumps for sulphur degassing, sulphur charging, sulphur granulation and sulphuric acid production. RHEINHÜTTE PUMPEN THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR MOLTEN SULPHUR APPLICATION CONTENTS Special Pumps for Molten Sulphur page 03 GVSO – Your advantages at a glance page 04 / 05 RCE – Your advantages at a glance page 06 / 07 ...

  • Thrust Bearings Resistance PUMPS - haywardgordon.com

    horizontal molten sulfur pumps provide reliable performance in both clean and dirty sulfur service. For clean or slightly contaminated molten sulfur, the jacketed A-VBJ vertical lineshaft and A-J horizontal

  • Safe Sulphur Systems

    With Safe Sulphur you get multi-disciplined Engineering Services ranging from Pre-FEED studies all the way to supplying and operating Turn Key Equipment Packages. ... - Vertical and Horizontal Sulphur Pumps - Heat Tracing for Piping and Tanks - Bulk Material Handling Equipment - Wet Scrubber Systems

  • PUMPING OF MOLTEN SULPHUR - Calgary Pump Symposium

    PUMPING OF MOLTEN SULPHUR ... Bearings of a Vertical Molten Sulphur Pump. • Symptoms of Too Hot • Pump Runs, Motor Overloads and Cuts Out, Pump Left for a Few Minutes, Then Started Again. Cycle Repeats ... • The “Achilles Heel” of Horizontal Molten Sulphur Pumps.

  • Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter - Sulphurnet

    Our Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter is the most common used pressure leaf filter in the market. Clean operation & Prevention of Leaks and Corrosion.

  • Sulfur Pumps - ThomasNet

    This vertical directory comprehensively lists the most trusted companies providing Sulfur Pumps to industry. This is an industrial directory listing all companies which are manufacturers, service companies and distributors and provide Sulfur Pumps.

  • APPLICATION NOTE - paclp.com

    APPLICATION NOTE USA FRANCE GERMANY NETHERLANDS UAE RUSSIA CHINA SINGAPORE SOUTH KOREA THAILAND INDIA ... horizontal or vertical sulfur configuration. The variation of data is statistically insignificant with a diesel sample matrix.

  • Pumps - Sulphuric Acid on the Web

    Vertical and horizontal pumps are PSIL's core offering to industry and have been deployed in every region - from the UK and North Sea regions, continental Europe and Middle-East to South-East Asia ... (Poland) www.tofama.com.pl : Horizontal and vertical submerged centrifugal pumps for molten sulphur : www.friatec.de .


    The Hayward Gordon offers either horizontal or vertical molten sulphur pumps, engineered to your exact specification, compliant to local regulations. Our specially designed system of volute, seal housing and discharge & column jackets ensures proper control of the sulphur temperature.

  • Exhibitors | CRU Sulphur Conference 2018

    Sulzer offers a complete range of horizontal and vertical pumps, tailor-made to satisfy the customer specifications for sulphuric acid and molten sulphur, for the fertilizer industry and the production of …

  • LEWIS® Vertical Sulphur Pumps Datasheet -- Weir Minerals ...

    Vertical design eliminates shaft sealing problems generally associated with horizontal pumps Optional suction extensions Heavy duty construction for applications involving heavy …

  • Zinc smelting - Wikipedia

    Zinc smelting is the process of converting zinc concentrates (ores that contain zinc) into pure zinc. Zinc smelting has historically been more difficult than the smelting of other metals, e.g. iron , because in contrast, zinc has a low boiling point .

  • US4518548A - Method of overlaying sulphur concrete on ...

    A method of overlaying sulphur concrete is adapted for use in placing sulphur concrete against or over an existing solid surface such as the exterior surface of a wall, floor, or column base. The existing surface, which typically is a portland cement concrete surface, is prepared by first applying a layer of a bituminous material containing a bitumen which liquifies at temperatures ...

  • Centrifugal Pumps for Molten Sulphur & h2so4 Production ...

    The discharge and the shaft Materials for molten sulphur pumps vary from cast iron.Advances in Materials & Coatings Vertical Sulphur Pumps Horizontal pumps cannot be installed in sulphur tanks / pits below ground level.

  • Sulfur Plant Design Manual - Scribd

    Horizontal and vertical vessels have both been used as sulfur plant coalescers. r10st large capacity plants have employed horizontal vessels with a single inlet nozzle and dual outlets. Vertical vessels have been used almost exclusively in the Los Angeles office up to 150-200 long tons per day of sulfur …

  • molten sulfur horizontal - lunarossa-ristorante.eu

    CP offers the customer two ways to pump liquid sulphur: 1. with a sealless horizontal pump (MKP) or 2. with a sealless vertical pump (MKTP) horizontal vertical sulphur - ximit.in vertical and horizontal pumps for sulphur degassing, sulphur charging, sulphur granulation and ...

  • Filtration Group Process Systems amafilterLFC lochem solid ...

    amafilter – LFC Lochem (Filtration Group Process Systems) designs, engineers and manufactures horizontal & vertical pressure leaf filters, plug-and-play filtration skids and many other. We are well known by our unique “Cricketfilters®” and our quality multiple & single bag & cartridge housings. amafilter – LFC Lochem supplies filter cloth, bags and cartridges specific for your needs.

  • Molten Sulfur Pumps - peerlesspump.com

    Horizontal ANSI pumps have been used for this service but the success rate has been limited because of problems keeping the Sulfur in the stuffing box in the molten state. Vertical sump pumps with steam jacketing

  • The Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter - Solid Liquid Separation

    In most of the fine chemicals processes the leaves are fitted into vertical vessels whilst horizontal vessels are used in the heavier process industries such as the preparation of sulfur …

  • PAC-Antek-MultiTek

    Antek's MultiTek is the leading instrument on the market that combines testing for sulfur, nitrogen, and halides all in one. Compact, powerful, automated, and multi-configurable, its the perfect solution to todays increasing demand worldwide for fast, accurate detection and analysis of unwanted chemicals, pollutants, contaminants, and corrosive ...

  • CP Case Study Liquid Sulphur - Springer Pumps

    Sealless CP pumps prevent contamination of the sulphur The heating jacket of vertical CP liquid sulphur pumps has been especially designed so that no contamination of the liquid sulphur by the heating medium (thermal oil, heating steam, condensate ... horizontal pumps located outside the storage tank, these require a fast reacting, preventative ...

  • Leaf Filter, Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter India

    Sharplex Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter (shell retraction or bundle retraction) features horizontal pressure vessel, filter leaves, pneumatic vibrator assembly, bottom structure housing, hydraulic power pack for bonnet ring opening / closing and shell or bundle retraction.

  • Pumping Molten Sulfur: A Challenge for Pump Design ...

    Vertical pumps for “dirty” molten sulfur are normally executed in a cantilever design and are therefore limited to a setting length of approximately 6 foot (2000mm). Tanks installed above ground level horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps can be used,

  • Nagle Pumps, INC

    Impeller wear adjustment is located above the sump cover on all Vertical models and are easily accessible on Horizontal models. On Vertical models, open bypass design feature will …

  • Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter | Horizontal Pressure Leaf ...

    The Pressure leaf filters is a vertical steel vessel where many vertically mounted S.S. filter leaves are housed inside with the help of properly designed manifold.

  • Horizontal Plate Filter - Sulphurnet

    HPF Scavenger . The standard Horizontal Plate Filter is designed for batch wise filtration without leaving a heel. This is accomplished with a specially-designed scavenger plate that filters the heel remaining in the tank at the end of a batch.

  • Magnetic Driven Pumps in Molten Sulphur Service | DESMI ...

    DSL Horizontal Inline Spacer Version; DSL Vertical Inline Spacer Version; ... Magnetic Driven Pumps in Molten Sulphur Service . MD51EFDKR-3U88/06C with NORD SK12XZ-140TC and Reliance 2 HP, TEFC-XE motor. Pumping Molten Sulphur is most challenging. Sulphur temperatures must be controlled within a 120-155o C range.